Glee Spoiler: Will Jonathan Groff’s Jesse Return Before the Show Ends?
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Glee Spoiler: Will Jonathan Groff’s Jesse Return Before the Show Ends?

Jonathan Groff (Jesse) has made plenty of memorable appearances on Glee over the years, but we sadly haven't seen him since Season 3's "Nationals." So will we ever see him on the show again?

When Jonathan first started portraying Jesse back in Season 1, he was best known for his role in Broadway's Spring Awakening. Since then, his career has been on fire, as he co-starred on the Starz show Boss opposite Kelsey Grammer, and he currently voices lead character Kristoff in the new hit Disney film, Frozen.

But it's his role in the upcoming HBO drama Looking that may cause issues for his hoped-for return to Glee. That said, Jonathan himself is hoping he can pop back up on Glee again at some point.

"I love that show," Jonathan tells Just Jared about Glee. "I think contractually I can’t because of the HBO show at this moment, and if it goes for more than a season, I probably won’t be able to. But you never know what could happen."

J-Groff acknowledges that he doesn't have a ton of time to work with, since Glee is slated to end after Season 6. "I still have a year to get in there and come back again, but who knows," he says.

So this puts us in a strange situation of wanting his HBO show to be incredibly successful, and yet if does do well, then he probably can't do Glee anymore. Sigh. So maybe HBO can cut him some slack and let him make an appearance or two on Glee? TV execs are known for being laid-back and understanding, right?

Source: Just Jared