Glee Spoiler: Do Kurt and Blaine Get Engaged? Photographic Evidence
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Glee Spoiler: Do Kurt and Blaine Get Engaged? Photographic Evidence

The more we hear about the future of Klaine in Glee Season 5, the more excited we get! Darren Criss has more or less confirmed that Blaine will be proposing to Kurt (Chris Colfer) in the Season 5 premiere on September 26. Just watch the first official footage of the season. It seems pretty clear that a proposal is about to go down.

Thanks to a Glee fan who posted some on-set photos on August 12, we already have a good idea of how and when this proposal will take place. Now the big question is: Will Kurt say yes to his ex-boyfriend’s marriage proposal?

It’s worth noting that Kurt and Blaine aren’t even dating right now. They broke up early last season, and they’ve been living in separate states for the better part of a year. Blaine is still a senior in high school and lives in Ohio, while Kurt is a college freshman living in NYC. Needless to say, getting married doesn’t exactly seem like the most logical of choices right now.

But does it really matter what we think? In the end, the decision of whether or not to say “yes” is entirely up to Kurt. Judging from the fact that actor Chris Colfer was recently seen walking around the Glee set in his Kurt wardrobe and wearing a ring on his engagement finger... we’re going to say it’s a pretty safe bet that he accepts Blaine’s proposal.

Photos posted on Pinterest August 28 show Kurt wearing an engagement ring. If you ask us, it doesn’t get any more clear than that. Kurt and Blaine are headed to the altar! To see the photos click here. Are you excited about the big Klainegagement, or do you still feel like these two are rushing into things? Head below and tell us what you think.

Source: Gleeaholic on Pinterest

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