Glee Music Spoiler: Kurt and Mercedes Film Dreamgirls Song
Credit: Amber Riley on Twitter    


Glee Music Spoiler: Kurt and Mercedes Film Dreamgirls Song

And we're telling you, we're not going... to stop waiting with bated breath for Glee's upcoming 100th episode special. Plus, the fact that Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) are reportedly performing a Dreamgirls tune makes us that much more excited for it, natch.

Kurtcedes is definitely one of our all-time favorite Glee friendships. Sadly, we haven't seen them bond together in quite some time. Luckily, that's about to change, as Kurt and Mercedes will be teaming up for a duet in Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions."

On the morning of January 31, Amber tweets:

Later that night, Glee cinematographer Joaquin Sedillo tweets about their performance:

We cannot tell you how happy we are to have these two stellar voices teaming up again. Remember how mind-blowingly awesome they were on "4 Minutes" in Season 1? Of course you do.

But which song will they be singing? Rumor has it, they will be performing "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls. Yes, there are somehow Dreamgirls songs that still have yet to be covered on Glee.

Mercedes hasn't been on Glee much in Season 5, but she'll be back with a bang, as she's not only in the 100th episode special but also helping New Directions out with Nationals in Season 5, Episode 11: "City of Angels." The more Mercedes, the better!

Are you looking forward to Kurt and Mercedes singing "I Am Changing"?

Sources: Amber on Twitter, Joaquin on Twitter