Ravenswood Season 1: Why Is [SPOILER] In a Cop Car?
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Ravenswood Season 1: Why Is [SPOILER] In a Cop Car?

Ravenswood’s Luke Matheson (Brett Dier) is a boy after our own hearts — he’s honest, considerate, and fights to protect the people he loves. He’s also pretty darn sympathetic, given that — in the last year — he’s not only been cursed to die, but lost his father to murder. It’s the latter that is causing him trouble when the show returns this winter. Check out HollywoodLife.com’s exclusive photo…

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In the pic, Luke is looking worried in the back of a cop car. This kid just can’t catch a break! Popular opinion is that the teenager has become a suspect in the murder of his own father. Yikes! And Luke thought it was bad when his mother, Rochelle Matheson, was the chief suspect. In fact, from what we thought we knew of the Season 1 Episode 7 “Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously — Check the Floorboards), it looked a lot like Rochelle was getting arrested.

According to the tagline for the episode, “The Ravenswood police make a surprising discovery at the Matheson home, and Olivia and Luke are unnerved by Collins’ connection to their mother.” Sounds like a reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story, The Tell-Tale Heart, wherein a pair of police officers find a dead body under a man’s floorboards.

Will the Ravenswood police officers be finding a body — or, more accurately, a heart — under the floorboards of the Matheson home? And why would that discovery point to Luke? Also, is the corpse of Mayor Matheson missing a heart? Because not only is that creepy, it’s also something we feel we should have heard about before. Whatever the answer to these questions, it seems that Luke is in deep trouble when Ravenswood returns.

What do you think the Ravenswood police find under the floorboards? And why is Luke being led away? Sound off in the comments below!

Tune in to watch Ravenswood when it returns on January 7, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, right after the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere!

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