Glee Music Spoiler: Rachel and Santana’s Duet Confirmed for 100th Episode
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Glee Music Spoiler: Rachel and Santana’s Duet Confirmed for 100th Episode

Team Pezberry unite! It has been rumored that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera) would sing a duet in the second part of Glee's two-part 100th episode special. And now, the rumor has been confirmed!

Glee wrapped up filming on the first part of the 100th episode special last week, and now the show has started filming Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions."

On January 29, Naya revealed that she just filmed a scene in which she'll be singing with Lea. Naya tweeted:

Hooray! We're loving how much time Rachel and Santana are getting to spend together on Glee this season, and now we can't wait for this new song.

So which song will they be singing? Naya didn't specify, but rumor has it that their duet is on the song "Be Okay" by up-and-coming Brooklyn folk-pop group Oh Honey.

We're also wondering what the context of the song will be, since the lyrics are very uplifting and seem to be about moving on. Perhaps Santana is going to be splitting up from Dani (Demi Lovato), and Rachel will help cheer her up?

Certainly, a Dani-Santana breakup would seem to be coming at some point, given that we keep hearing rumors about romantic Brittana scenes on the horizon.

Are you looking forward to Rachel and Santana's song? And do you think Santana will be breaking up with Dani soon?

Source: Naya on Twitter

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