Former Sister, Sister Star Is Coming to Glee!
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Former Sister, Sister Star Is Coming to Glee!

Don't you love it when your favorite '90s TV stars show up on Glee? That's about to happen again, as a certain Sister, Sister star will be guesting this season. To paraphrase the Sister, Sister theme song, let's just say that we never knew how much we missed her.

Glee typically gets unexpected celebs to appear as the judges for the show's various choir competitions, such as Josh Groban or Lindsay Lohan. And with Nationals fast approaching with Season 5, Episode 11: "City of Angels," that trend appears set to continue.

Actress Marlee Matlin will be playing one of the Nationals judges. And on January 31, Sister, Sister star Jackée Harry who played Tia's adoptive mother, Lisa Landry tweeted:

Former Sister, Sister Star Is Coming to Glee!
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We're delighted by this! There's no question that we still have a soft spot in our hearts for cute '90s sitcom Sister, Sister, so it will be a ball to see the always-hilarious Jackée who rose to fame on the '80s sitcom 227 on Glee. And it's awesome that she's on Girl Meets World, too, since we can't wait for that show to start.

Glee seems to have a penchant for hiring '90s TV stars. Case in point: We've previously seen Doogie Howser, M.D.'s Neil Patrick Harris (Bryan Ryan), Full House's John Stamos (Dr. Carl), and Married With Children's Katey Sagal (Artie's mom) — and they were all amazing on Glee. We're sure Jackée will be, too!

Are you excited to see Jackée on Glee? Or were you hoping to see someone else as a judge?

Source: Jackée on Twitter