Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Pics: Season 4, Episode 16 — “Close Encounters” (PHOTOS)

Check out these sneak peek pics from Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 16, "Close Encounters" (January 21)! It looks like Shana is coming back to Rosewood to tell Emily that Alison wants to meet her without any of the other girls. But can the Liars really trust Shana's word? On a lighter note, we get to see some flirty scenes between Aria and Jake! Remember him? Seeing how Ezra is “A” these days, it might be a good idea for Aria to give Jake another chance.

Read on for ABC Family's full episode synopsis and be sure to click through the gallery to see the pics!

Shana returns to Ravenswood to tell Emily that she has a message from Ali, but can Emily and the girls trust Shana with all that they know about her? And when Shana ups the stakes and says that Ali wants to meet Emily — and only Emily — could it all be part of an “A” plan, or is Emily really Alison’s favorite? With Emily becoming more hopeful by the minute, Spencer is determined to not let her friend get hurt. Meanwhile, Aria and Hanna deal with matters of the heart.

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