Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Reality Steve Admits He Was Wrong About WHAT?!
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Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Reality Steve Admits He Was Wrong About WHAT?!

SPOILER ALERT: HUGE spoilers about the Season 9 outcome ahead. You’ve been warned.

When it comes to The Bachelorette spoilers, no one has more knowledge than Reality Steve — and we celebrate his whole catalog! But for every detail he gets right (like predicting nearly all the past finales to a T), one may slip through the cracks from time to time. On July 2, RS posted that one of his spoilers about Desiree Hartsock’s final four dudes is (gasp) wrong!

Originally, Steve posted that Drew Kenney is eliminated after Hometown Dates and that Zak Waddell makes it all the way to Antigua before getting the boot in the penultimate episode. But in his newest post, he recants that assertion, citing false information and a little case of the overlooks for his error.

“Over the course of the last month, I’ve been emailed numerous times by people saying the first promo of the season had Drew on a date with Desiree in Antigua, and how could that be the case if he left at hometowns,” RS writes in his blog. “Obviously, I overlooked that part of the promo and wasn’t paying enough attention, and it was even further clarified last night that Drew was in Antigua when they show him talking to Des on the beach.”

ABC, those tricky little bugs, did quite a number with the promo for the rest of the season, as shown after Monday night’s episode in Barcelona. By sending the crew to a tropical-ish island (Madeira, in Episode 7), as well as a tropical island in the finale (Antigua, in the finale), they’ve been able to splice together a billion little nuanced clips to make our brains run wild — and it seems we’re not the only ones.

So, if RS knew that his spoiler was wrong, why not change it? Simple: just because he found out Drew was in the final hub in Antigua didn’t make it easy to dismiss all his Zak info. “For the last month, yes I was made aware that Drew was in the final 3 but didn’t change the spoiler because I was trying to figure out why my Zak spoiler was wrong. The information I was told about Zak was so strong, I just didn’t see how he couldn’t have been in Antigua.”

While it sucks that Zak is going to miss out on the sweet tanportunity, we can’t say we’re mad that we’ll be seeing Drew without that pesky clothing blocking our views.

One question, though: If the third/fourth place info was wrong, could the final two be wrong? Could the winner be wrong?! Not possible, Steve says. “Chris and Brooks are still the final two guys, and she got engaged to Brooks back on May 8th and they are still engaged to this day, despite the promo wanting you to believe she picks no one. That didn’t happen.”

Great, now all we have left to worry about is why Drew cries at Des on the beach, and then we’ll be back to our happy place.

Source: Reality Steve