Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: What You Should Know About Episode 7 in Miami
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: What You Should Know About Episode 7 in Miami

It may be cold wherever you are, but Juan Pablo Galavis and his six remaining tamales are headed to the city where the heat is on, Miami, on Monday, February 17’s Bachelor installment. In Season 18, Episode 7, JPG will whittle his girl stick (so many mental images) from the top six down to four lucky ladies.

The drama-packed promo shows that Sharleen Joynt is still torn when it comes to her differences with Juan Pablo. While on one hand she finds their chemistry undeniable (apparently she’s never seen herself kiss JPG), she also realizes that he doesn’t complete her in that Jerry Maguire sorta way. Chris Harrison warned us last week that things with Juan Sharlo “come to a head” in the episode. Want to know if she makes it through the episode? Check it.

Later, Juan Pablo enjoys some beach sexy time with Andi Dorfman, Clare Crawley, Renee Oteri, and Chelsie Webster. They head to a private island in the Florida Keys and there must be a lot of trees there to block the view, because they all get turns making out with him, according to the official shots. But when only one lady “wins” alone time with El Bachelor, the claws come out. That girl is Andi Dorfman, and Clare is pissed.

According to the synopsis, the remaining gals head back to the house, where Nikki Ferrell is hanging. And, um, it doesn’t go well. Even Chris Harrison calls out the drama that’s brewing between the two, and a preview clip from ABC shows that Clare has finally had enough. She confronts Nikki for acting like a b---h and Schemey Nikks tells her she’s “f--king crazy.” So, that’s awkward. Our favorite Nikki quote? The part where he says that Clare “is like a dog” and that she peed on him first, and that territory “might not be hers.”

Why is Nikki so confident? Maybe because of her super cute 1-on-1 date with Juan Pablo, wherein they have a darling day walking in the park and then go to a florist and pick up some stems for JPG’s daughter. The nuts part? Though there are still six girls, he introduces her to his daughter and ex-girlfriend, actress Carla Rodriguez, as well as his parents. No pressure, Nikki!

In the end, two girls go home, and it ain’t pretty. One you might have expected, since she hasn’t been on screen much lately. The other one might have given you a clue or dozen throughout the season that this might not be her bag, but we’ll still be sad to see her go. The remaining four girls get Hometown Dates, which will air for our viewing pleasure on February 24, followed immediately by Fantasy Suites on February 25.

Are you excited for The Bachelor to air on February 17? Which part are you most shocked by?

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