Bachelor 2014 Spoiler Roundup: 8 Things to Expect in Vietnam on February 3
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoiler Roundup: 8 Things to Expect in Vietnam on February 3

Traveling can be really hard on the skin, especially when it dries out from tears, as the Bachelor 2014 cats and kittens are about to find out in Episode 5 in Vietnam. But while the promo hints that there’s a lot of dramatic moments, it just wouldn’t do to leave it all to the imagination, so we’ve rounded up a few things you can definitely expect when you flip your TVs to ABC on Monday, February 3.

1. At least one girl will say the phrase “So I either live, or I die, or I poop my pants.”
Think you know who it is? Wrong. It's Nikki Ferrell.

2. Clare will be revealed as not there to make friends.
Maybe it’s a case of sleepwalking, but it sure looks like she sneaks out behind her sistah friends’ backs. But don’t worry, haters, it looks like it doesn't go well.

3. Juan Pablo continues to be confusing as hell.
Even Chris Harrison calls Juan Pablo’s behavior “head scratching” and hints that nothing good will come from his shady behavior. In fact, his rule-changing, game-flipping madness may just be the most dramatic aspect of the season.

4. Renee Oteri finally gets her 1-on-1 and it looks pretty chill.
Because really, what do you expect? This girl is so relaxed, she’s practically comatose. But she’d better watch her back, because everyone else is nuts.

5. Juan Pablo is caught kissing a girl… again.
The promo shows that on the nine-person group date, Juan Pablo totally makes out with his boating partner. Which is dumb, because they’re all on the same river so we don’t really know what he expected…

6. Clare ends up in tears.
Is it because of her own actions? Juan Pablo’s words? The other girls’ searing holes of hatred through her pretty alabaster skin? Probably all those things.

7. Chris Harrison says there will be a great divide after the episode.
“Who's side will you take Mon night when the drama hits the fan? #TheBachelor,” Chris tweeted on January 31.

8. Three girls are eliminated before they move on to New Zealand.
These girls, that's who.

Are you excited to tune in and watch Juan Pablo and his 11 remaining girls hang in Vietnam on Monday, February 3? Tell us why or why not below!

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