Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Photos: Season 4, Episode 24 — The Night Ali Disappeared

The question of what exactly went down on the night Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) disappeared has loomed large for the last four seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and we'll finally get some answers on Season 4 Episode 24 ("A Is For Answers"), when Ali opens up to the girls about what she remembers from the night she went into hiding.

As the official synopsis for the episode explains, "After years of questions and mystery surrounding the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, her four best friends come face to face with Ali and finally learn what really happened to her that September night."

What can we expect to see when Ali opens up about that night? Well, based on these promo pics for the episode, we'll get a lot of info — including more details about her encounter with Ian, a meeting with Ezra, and even the moment she was buried in the grave!

Click through the gallery to get a sneak peek of Ali's revelations.

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

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