Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Who Gets Pre-Ceremony Roses & Who Goes Home?
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Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Who Gets Pre-Ceremony Roses & Who Goes Home?

It wouldn’t be a Bachelorette premiere without a whole lot of drama. Well, okay, that’s not exactly true. Let’s clarify: it wouldn’t be a Bachelorette first night without some posturing, a lot of subconscious bicep flexing, and some barely sheathed sword fights. And don’t worry, Desiree Hartsock fans, there’s plenty coming to a small screen near you when Season 9 premieres on May 27.

So, what exactly happens in the first episode? We’re not going to tell you, because that would ruin the fun. But we will give you a few hints. Namely, there’s some major rose action happening before the first rose ceremony — and a few awkward moments that made us want to crawl out of our bodies, jump into the screen, and slap some people around.

We’re not 100% sure who makes the cut into the 19 dudes heading into the next round, but it looks like Des takes a page from the Sean Lowe playbook by passing out roses before the lineup. And it’s not just a first impression rose out the limo a la Tierra LiCausi — several guys get boutonniered. So, who are the lucky dudes? According to Reality Steve, Ben Scott (the one with the darling son), Drew Kenney, Bryden Vukasin, Mike Garofola, Nick Mucci, and Zak Waddell all get "first impression" roses, making them the boys to beat.

But while those six guys were breathing easy after meeting Des and talking to her, there’s one who makes things incredibly uncomfortable for everyone — and it doesn’t end well. Who, you might ask? Oh, that would be Jonathan Vollinger, who is a hot mess (emphasis on mess) and apparently can't read a social cue to save his life. Homeskillz tries to get Des to mosey off alone with him and she is not having it.

Any guesses who else gets roses and who goes home? Are you excited to watch the premiere on May 27? Weigh in.

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