Spoiler: Will Aria and Ezra Be Together in Season 2?
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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Will Aria and Ezra Be Together in Season 2?

Amidst all the excitement during the Pretty Little Liars season finale, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) had a huge fight. We hate to see them this way, but Aria had good reason for being angry since Jackie, Ezra’s ex-fiance, showed up at Aria’s house for the Hollis party without any warning. Ezra somehow forgot to mention that Jackie would be coming and that she’s a teacher at Hollis, where he just accepted a position. Can you smell drama?

Expect Ezria problems for the next few episodes since Ezra will be caught in a love triangle between Aria and Jackie. However, don’t worry, Aria and Ezra are soul mates. Showrunner Marlene King told Wetpaint that out of “the majority of the people who contact me about it [Ezra and Aria’s relationship], I’d say that 99 percent are head-over-heels for Ezria and they threaten to never watch the show again if we break them up." With that said, rest assured Aria and Ezra will end up fine.

King comforted anxious fans by telling them that this pretty little pair will stick together. She tweeted, “All you #Ezria fans chillout peeps. I promise you it will all be okay. Eventually.” But if that wasn’t enough to convince them, King tweeted more clues. “For Ezria fans, it's a rocky start, but I promise the ultimate Ezria lip lock in episode 2 this summer. Stay tuned.” Does that mean that Aria will sleep with Ezra?

Now, if only season 2 weren’t so far away…

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