Spoiler: Will Emily’s New Crush Samara Be Back for PLL Season 2?
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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Will Emily’s New Crush Samara Be Back for PLL Season 2?

Emily (Shay Mitchell) is quite the catch in Rosewood. Between her unresolved relationship with Maya (Bianca Lawson), her blossoming romance with Paige (Lindsey Shaw), and her newly formed friendship with Samara (Claire Holt), she might be the most sought after little liar. It’s hard to keep track of her love life, but (spoiler alert!), things are just beginning for Em and Samara!

They playfully flirted at the Rosewood Founder’s Day Festival and have been e-mailing each other ever since, so we suspected Samara would return. Plus, Pretty Little Liars Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick confirmed it! (Did you really think they would bring her on for just one episode?) Goldstick tells TVLine, “Paige will still very much be around. Later on in the second season she has quite a nice arc. Right now, there is some Samara action happening.” Sounds like Emily will be in the middle of a juicy love triangle.

And if Paige and Samara will both be part of Emily’s story, does that mean she won’t move to Texas? We’d say so, but keep your fingers crossed PLL fans.

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