The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Zak Waddell’s Sister Doesn’t Trust Desiree!

Well, this is a new one for The Bachelorette: How often do you see a guy's sister call out Desiree Hartsock for possibly not having a guy there for the right reasons. Tables turned, y'all. Well, sort of. In this sneak peek of Season 9 Hometown Dates, Des heads to Texas to hang out with Zak Waddell's family for the day. But while the family lunch looks like a guffawing good time, not everyone is convinced that Des and Zak belong together.

In this preview, Zak's (super hot) sister Carly pulls our girl Des aside to have a little girl talk upstairs. And while Carly is happy to be friendly with her, she's a little worried that Des is just friends with her brother as well. True, Des and Zak do laugh a lot, but he did fingerpaint her a whole flip book full of his feelings (they just looked like buildings and lumps, is all). Does Desiree love Zak? Will she hurt him in the end? Is Carly single and can she be the next Bachelorette? There are a ton of questions that need answers, but in the meantime, just watch.

How far does Zak make it? Who does Desiree pick in the end? Those questions we can and will answer for ya right now.