True Blood Spoilers: 5 Burning Questions About the Weeks Ahead (VIDEO)
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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: 5 Burning Questions About the Weeks Ahead (VIDEO)

A delicious extended promo for True Blood Season 6 gives us Truebies a slew of tasty teasers about what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks, and to say it’s all-encompassing is an understatement. Everyone’s storyline is intense, and we are all aflutter with the desire to do a marathon of each and every episode! There are a few things in particular, however, we are burning with questions about after watching the promo.

Bilith is trying to figure out what his new powers are all about and it seems as though, despite his desire to do so, he can no longer remain Bill Compton but, rather, Lilith’s pawn. Will Bill be able to overcome Lilith’s influence and retain his ‘humanity’ — so to speak — or will he truly cross over to the dark side forever?

Our follow-up to that question is what what does this all mean for Jessica? Will she stay loyal to Bill even if he loses himself entirely to Billith? Or will she try to escape him even knowing he can drag her back to him in pieces at any time if he wants?

Sookie is feeling sorry for herself that she’s always the victim of vampire attacks (we must point out that does come with certain perks there, young lady). At one point, she’s shown half-naked with blood all over her mouth, so we don’t know what is up with that, but we can’t wait to find out. We can’t help but wonder if she’ll finally succeed in finding some way to not be “different” anymore, or if she’ll be forced to finally accept being half-faerie whether she like sit or not. Can Sookie come to peace with herself by embracing what makes her unique, rather than hating it?

Warlow discloses to Sookie that he’s been watching over her her whole life, so he may not be the ominous character we thought he’d be. Jason, however, is dead set on sending him to his true death. By the way, they show Jason down on the ground at one point, so we have to wonder – is he the one who dies? Of all the major characters, he is perhaps the most expendable when it comes to the main storylines. And Sookie has already lost everyone else in her family already...

Vampires are being tortured, and we see Tara scream out in agony. When Eric asks the governor what he wants, he says he wants all of their kind to become extinct. Uh oh. We know from spoilers that his wife ran away with a Cold One a while back, so he’s on a vengeance mission. Will Eric become a victim of the Governor’s war against vampires and end up meeting his maker in the true death? Will True Blood lose half its audience if they decide to kill off Alexander Skarsgard’s characters?

These are just a few of our burning questions about True Blood Season 6 in the weeks ahead. What are yours?

06.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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