Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ali Will Feel “Remorse” in Season 4B
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ali Will Feel “Remorse” in Season 4B

Ali DiLaurentis may be alive, but is she still up to her wicked ways?

In the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode (“Grave New World”), the Liars have their first encounter with Ali since the night she went missing from the barn, and there was something noticeably different about about the teen tormentor. (What a difference a few years in hiding makes!)

E! Online recently chatted with executive producer Oliver Goldstick, and he hinted that fans will see a different side to Ali in Season 4B.

“You'll see in her appearances in 4B when she returns there's some remorse and some conscience that she didn't possess in the flashbacks that we've seen,” he said. “There is some remorse about her behavior which led to the situation that she's in.”

Will she even have remorse for what she did to Ezra? Obviously, these two have a complicated history — whatever happened on Cape May remains a complete mystery — and Season 4B will shed some light on why Ezra has been after Ali. Maybe he’s not so evil after all.

“Alison was certainly a despicable character who you're going to see has some real remorse and turn-around,” Oliver said. “Just wait, let's see what happens with him before one writes him off and dismisses him as pure evil.”

It sounds like Ali has some serious explaining to do. While we think obsessing over a teenage girl is a little psycho on Ezra’s part, we know how wicked Ali could be, so maybe there’s a reason for the mayhem. Either way, Aria isn’t going to be happy when she figures this all out.

“Aria may live in a country called denial. [Laughs] She's in love with this man, but after a while some things are going to break down where she has to acknowledge that something is wrong and her friends may find out things before she does,” he said. “We always love the idea of sleeping with the enemy, we've done that before on the show. The idea is you're the last to find out, when it comes to the person that you're most intimate with, but she will find out. She won't be in the dark forever.”

Sounds intense, Ezria fans! But we can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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