Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Andi Dorfman Fantasy Suite Drama Details!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Andi Dorfman Fantasy Suite Drama Details!

We’ve all seen the promos and teasers for Andi Dorfman’s showdown with Juan Pablo Galavis on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, but only Reality Steve knows what really happened between the 26-year-old Atlanta attorney and 32-year-old Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suites of St. Lucia.

In his column today, he revealed the skinny on what sets her off in the last episode before the Season 18 finale — and why she walks away. The spoiler king breaks down what goes down, and it sounds less dramatic than we are supposed to expect.

Basically, the date goes fine. They do just as ABC suggests, making out in another waterfall, eating seafood… the usual. Then, she accepts his date to the Fantasy Suite, spends the night with him, and leaves. All the drama happens after the dates are finished, with Clare Crawley’s first, Andi’s second, and Nikki Ferrell’s third.

Later, though, when the girls send Juan Pablo their video messages, Andi goes off-script and tells him he should meet up with her instead. She goes to talk to him, and that’s when all the takeaway soundbites happen. “Waking up in the fantasy suites, I couldn’t wait to get away,” we’ve heard her say. Apparently, Andi says, Juan Pablo told her that she was the “default pick” to make it into his Top 3. Ouch.

He says he didn’t say such a thing, but his People blog from the Hometowns episode suggests that that’s where his mind was. Like we saw in the promo for the episode, he tells her she “barely made it,” which doesn’t exactly support his denial, either.

The other thing is that Andi says he told her in the Fantasy Suites that he had already had his date with Clare. Meaning, he was already one notch ahead of Andi in the race to sex mountain. That’s when the “That’s not being honest, that’s you being an asshole” quote comes in.

The other biggest problem Andi has with Juan Pablo? His self-centered way of communicating, as she accuses him of never asking her any questions about herself. To drive that point home, she asks what religion she is. He gets it wrong, surprise surprise.

In the end, we don’t know how it would be possible for her to stay, seeing as he’s done pretty much the wrong thing with her from the start of the episode. So, she says her goodbyes, without taking another minute more. We’re not 100 percent clear on that part, but we’ll pour an extra wine glass out (into our mouths) for our fallen homegirl.

Are you surprised at what happens with Andi, considering all she’s been through?!

Source: Reality Steve

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