Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Where Does Andi Dorfman Travel on Season 10?
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Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Where Does Andi Dorfman Travel on Season 10?

If this whole Bachelorette hosting thing doesn’t work out for Chris Harrison, he’d likely make a pretty excellent travel agent. Or, at least his band of unsuspecting interns would, since they schedule the many traveling arrangements that highlight The Bachelorette’s exciting season. On Season 10, Andi Dorfman's going to take her well-stamped passport and her well-toned bod and hit the friendly skies for quite a gorgeous trip around the nicely-primped parts of the world.

While the first episode of the 2014 season took place (as usual) in the Agoura Hills, California Bachelor Mansion, Andi got off campus right away for Episode 2. On her first 1-on-1 date, she and Eric Hill hit the beach in Ventura, Cali for some flipping fun in the sun and then hopped a plane to head off to Big Bear for a skiing adventure.

Her second 1-on-1 took her to Arcadia, CA for a day at the race track with Chris Soules, while a group date led the little lady to OHM Nightclub in Hollywood. But for Episode 3, she and her grove of hotties hit the Paseo Nuevo mall in Santa Barbara for a little Boyz II Men-ing. And her public-set dates aren’t over! Producer Megan Firestone shared the next stop on their tour: a John Pardi (who?) concert in Connecticut (what?) at the Mohegan Sun (uh), filmed back on March 26. Besides her concert date, she also took a train ride on that episode.

Then what? Well, on April 2, Reality Steve tweeted that Andi took her remaining dozen or so dudes to France — word on the 'net is Marseilles — before heading to the next locale. "Filming was in France this wk, rose ceremony tonight, travel tmrw, & they'll be in Italy this wknd. Go almost all your elimination.." he wrote. This is the second time Steve has said they'd be heading to the Boot, and it sounds like a little castle-touring was likely included, as well as a trip to the fair home of literature's early-married, early-deceased heroine. Next, they went to Belgium, as he confirmed in his column on April 16. Two stops in the country, and then they jetted back to the U.S.

After the international portion of the trip, Andi headed off for the pivotal Season 10 Hometown Dates. The first was filmed in Wisconsin, the second in Iowa, the third in Florida, and the fourth in Dallas, Texas. There's a surprising number of details around already, partially thanks to RS's stalking abilities. Where will the finale be? Hmm...

Last season, Desiree Hartsock took her man friends on a world tour, with stops in such romantic locales as Atlantic City, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Antigua. Considering how hot Andi and her Bachelorette contestants are, we're happy to hear that Andi's Fantasy Suites and Finale take place in the Dominican Republic, filmed around May 8.

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