American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Angie Miller Duet With Jessie J on Finale? — Interview
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American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Angie Miller Duet With Jessie J on Finale? — Interview

Angie Miller may have been eliminated on last night’s American Idol results show, but the bubbly and optimistic Beverly, MA, native is certainly not dwelling on not making the finale. In fact, despite not performing in the finals next week, she may very well have another dream come true a duet with her own idol, Jessie J.

Every year, the powers that be at American Idol line up duets for the finalists with various established artists whom they admire. When we asked her who her dream duet would be with today in her exit interview, we certainly weren’t shocked to hear her say “100 percent Jessie J.!”

Angie has performed her songs several times on the show. After her second performance of “Who U R,” which earned her rave reviews from the American Idol judges, Angie said Jessie tweeted her a nice note that said something to the effect of “so incredibly proud!”

As for why Angie loves Jessie J. as a performer so much, the “You Set Me Free” singer said she loves that her songs are so “soulful and beautiful” and yet they also have a lot of “edge” and grit.” This is exactly what she’ll be aiming for when she releases her debut album.

And when she was asked whether Jessie J. would be the performer with whom she’d be doing her duet on next week’s performance show, she didn’t confirm or deny. Gasp could it really be happening?!

Angie said, “I would die if I was able to sing with her,” following that up with “I hope it happens.”

One has to think that, since the finale is only a week away, she already knows who her duet is going to be with, so it seems like she was being politically correct. All we can say is that if it does happen it is truly going to be a special moment in American Idol history.