Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Another Originals Crossover in Season 5?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Another Originals Crossover in Season 5?

So far, The Originals has stayed largely separate from its source material The Vampire Diaries. There have been a few crossovers. TVD’s Tyler hopped over to The Originals for a few episodes. And the Mikaelsons made their way back to Mystic Falls in some way for TVD’s 100th episode. Can we expect another crossover before the season is out?

Sadly, there won’t be anymore TVD/The Originals crossovers this season. Executive producer Caroline Dries told Zap2it: "Not this season. It is exhausting trying to schedule those guys. It's so weird to me, now watching The Originals, they're so deep into it. Doesn't it feel like it's a completely different tone than our show? I know people want Caroline to go over there, but I'm trying to picture her being in New Orleans, and it just doesn't feel like a good fit. So the rest of this season, no more crossovers."

In one answer, Caroline managed to dash our hopes not only about an upcoming crossover and the possibility of Caroline making her way over to The Originals anytime soon. Still, we suppose there is a silver lining to this separation, which is that both shows will have more time to focus on delivering a stellar, fast-paced ending. As much as we like to see the characters on these two shows interact, we want those interactions to serve a purpose, rather than just be a publicity stunt or to get an easy reaction out of the fans. We appreciate that the TVD/The Originals Powers That Be seem to have a similar perspective. We trust that, when crossovers do happen, they will totally be worth it and will work for both the character(s) in question and the shows themselves. And, yes, this includes the much-wished-for Caroline crossover for which we still have our fingers crossed.

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