Spoilers, April Rose & Weird Ezra: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 7/13
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Pretty Little Liars

Spoilers, April Rose & Weird Ezra: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 7/13

Here’s what happened in the world of Pretty Little Liars this week.

- Ezra is slowly starting to creep up our list of not-so-golden secret-havers. For example, what was with his pouty little attitude during this week’s episode? And also, how could he possibly afford that super expensive camera? And here we thought his biggest expense was that closet full of cardigans.

- Come, won’t you, and help us examine the preview for next week’s episode. Who is Hanna talking to? What plan will get foiled?

- There are only two explanations for Lucas’s weird behavior: he’s on drugs or he’s part of the “A” team. Those are the only two options!

- Speaking of suspicious types, here are some reasons for why we think Jenna might have killed Maya. Is Jenna secretly a murderer?

- Spoiler alert! We’ll find out who this mysterious April Rose is in next week’s episode.

- Put on your sleuthing caps! Help us figure out what pills were in Maya’s bag.

- Do you have this week’s episode still sitting on your DVR? Watch the episode already! And then read our recap and help us think of clues.

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