Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: “Aria Will Try to Move On” From Ezra in Season 4
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: “Aria Will Try to Move On” From Ezra in Season 4

Who knew Mona was an Ezria shipper? Janel Parrish (Mona) recently sat down with to talk Pretty Little Liars Season 4 details, including what Aria and Ezra fans can expect in the new season.

Janel must be an Ezria fan (or maybe Mona is playing matchmaker in Season 4) because she had a lot to stay about the troubled romance: "Well as you saw in the finale they broke up. Fitz comes back to Rosewood as her teacher, so that's a little complicated, little reminiscent of Season 1," Janel said. "So now it's this forbidden love again, and Aria will try to move on." So maybe that's what Ian Harding meant when he told Wetpaint Entertainment, "Things come full circle. Things that you saw of me in, let's say the early episodes of season one, you might see again. Similar situations, set-up scenes..."

Janel also teased that Ezra and Aria will not be the only ones in each other’s love lives. She mentioned some “new Rosewood hotties coming to town.” We imagine she is referring particularly to Jake (Ryan Guzman), Aria’s new martial arts-wielding love interest. And remember Maggie, Ezra’s past love and mother of his child? Well, according to Janel, she’s "not going away anytime soon." And that means Malcolm will be staying around, too.

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