Glee Spoilers: First Photos of Brittany’s Return — She and Santana Reconnect!

Our hearts were broken when we first heard the rumors that Heather Morris would most likely not be returning for Glee Season 5, but it looks like the TV gods have decided to smile upon us. Not only will the new mom be making an appearance in the highly-anticipated 100th episode, but her character Brittany will reunite with Santana after that emotional farewell last season.

Fans of the Brittana relationship are sure to be excited, since both Naya Rivera and cinematographer Joaquin Sedillo have teased some “fantastic” moments for the former couple. Word on the street is that the 100th episode will include some “epic kisses” and a “Brittana shocker,” so we can’t help but think these two crazy kids might be getting back together!

Heather’s not only original glee clubber making a reappearance on March 18. Along with Puck, Mercedes, and April Rhodes, Dianna Agron will also be back as Quinn and rejoining the Unholy Trinity. Brittany, Santana, and Quinn are teaming up for a super sexy performance, said to be Britney Spears’s sultry number “Toxic.”

We’ll also be welcoming back our favorite web series, “Fondue For Two,” as well Brittany's sometimes-nefarious co-host, Lord Tubbington. (Cue the applause!)

Needless to say, we haven’t been this excited for a Glee episode in a really long time! If you can’t wait until it airs on Tuesday, March 18, click through our gallery to get a sneak peek of Brittany’s return!