Vampire Diaries Spoilers: “Brutal” Flashbacks For Damon in Season 5, Episode 9
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Vampire Diaries Spoilers: “Brutal” Flashbacks For Damon in Season 5, Episode 9

We’re on pins and needles waiting to find out what went down the first time Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) was an Augustine vampire — but perhaps we shouldn’t be so eager. What did The Vampire Diaries stars tell TVLine about the upcoming flashbacks in Season 5, Episode 9 (“The Cell”)?

While Ian called the flashbacks “really cool,” he also described them as “brutal” and “crazy” — yikes! But it was really Nina Dobrev’s (Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce) reaction to some of the scenes that related the sheer intensity. Apparently, she had a hard time getting through them. “It was disgusting,” Nina said. “I’m not good at that kind of stuff and I hated watching it. I’ll probably have to close my eyes when I watch it on TV.”

Wait...does this mean either Katherine or Elena will be present at the torture, too? And will it be in flashback form, like the tease implies? We’re inclined to say no on the latter, given that Elena wasn’t alive in 1953 and Katherine is dealing with her own stuff right now, so we can’t imagine the TVD Powers That Be adding an Augustine vampire storyline to her drama. But, we have seen promo pictures of Elena strapped down to an examining table a la Augustine vampire. Will she fall into the hands of the Augustine Society, perhaps even trading herself for Damon’s release? Is she the next Augustine vampire?

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