The Originals Spoilers: Cami Will Choose Between Klaus and Marcel Soon!
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Cami Will Choose Between Klaus and Marcel Soon!

If you’ve been following the love life of Cami (Leah Pipes) throughout Season 1 of The Originals, you may have noticed that it has been pretty uneventful until rather recently. That being said, Cami has already hooked up with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and it’s obvious that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is pining for her, so she’s not exactly lonely these days. Which handsome vamp will she choose to be with?

TV Guide presented Leah with this exact question, giving her the hypothetical of only being able to save one of them from a burning building. “By the end of the season that question will be answered," Leah teased, offering us some hope for resolution by the time Season 1 ends.

As of now, we’d have to say the odds are looking good for Marcel. In last night’s episode — Season 1, Episode 19 (“An Unblinking Death”) — Cami’s uncle, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) finally met his maker, putting his niece in a tizzy. This left Klaus with only one way to console the psychology student: call Marcel.

“She woke in the dark not knowing where she was or who was watching over her,” Klaus said to Marcel over the phone. “It was your name she called. And if you can grant her comfort, so be it.”

This was a big move for Klaus, having banished his former pal from the French Quarter for betraying his trust. In fact, Klaus was rather merciful in last night’s episode, making decision after decision that put others before himself. It was truly heartbreaking. Could the emotions Klaus has been showing recently be enough to win Cami’s favor? Only time will tell.

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