Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Can Regina Be Redeemed? Jennifer Morrison Says… — Exclusive
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Can Regina Be Redeemed? Jennifer Morrison Says… — Exclusive

Emma Swan already lost Neal after fell through a portal with a bullet in his chest, but in the Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale (Episode 22: “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”), she’s at risk of losing everything — her home , her friends , and most importantly, her family. And that’s something Storybrooke’s badass Sheriff isn’t taking lightly. Will Regina find a way to reverse the black diamond’s powerful magic? Or will Storybrooke — and its inhabitants — be lost forever.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jennifer Morrison at the NYDJ Shop Opening Celebration at Bloomingdales in New York City (May 8) to talk about Once Upon a Time’s Season 2 finale, losing Neal, Emma’s True Love, and whether or not her frenemy Regina can ever be redeemed.

Find out what Jennifer had to say — including whether or not Emma will take another trip back to “post-apocalyptic Fairytale Land” anytime soon — in our full interview below.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So, I have to say, I felt all of the emotions while watching part one of the Once Upon a Time finale, especially during that Neal/Emma scene.

Jennifer Morrison: Oh, that’s good! I haven’t seen the episode yet, but obviously, I was there when we filmed it, and I remember that scene being particularly brutal.

Emma told Neal that she loved him! Did she say that from a very real place, or was she caught up in the moment?

I think when you’re in a situation like that, the truth comes out. You can overthink and rethink things in life when you have time to, when the stakes aren’t that high, but when you’re really faced with a true life or death situation, I think that’s when the truth comes out.

What we love about the show is that it’s a family drama mixed with fairy tale mythology. So there’s this idea of True Love on Once Upon a Time. Who do you think Emma’s True Love is?

Ultimately, I think Henry is her True Love because he’s not only her child, but he represents her chance to be a parent in the way she never had. She didn’t have any parents. So there’s such a complex, layered love there. I think True Love is going to redefine itself for Emma over the years, which is why she’s a fascinating character to me. She’s someone who have been so closed off to romantic love for so long, and she’s going to start rediscovering it in different ways based on having a family now and having her parents around and having her son back in her life. She’s constantly being faced with these outrageous challenges that all of these situations in the show bring her, so I don’t know what True Love means for her romantically because she’s not ready for it yet. So we’re going to see her grow into that and see what that becomes for her down the road.

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Can Regina Be Redeemed? Jennifer Morrison Says… — Exclusive
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

We know from the finale promo that Storybrooke is at risk of being destroyed, and Regina has stepped up to help save it. Do you think Regina can be redeemed at this point?

Yeah, I think that’s what our showrunners do such a great job at doing. No one is perfect on this show. We all have light and dark in us. Even the best people make bad decisions, and even the worst people make good decisions. Even though Regina is a villain in certain ways — and she’ll always have a darkness to her — that doesn’t mean she’s incapable of love, and that doesn’t mean she’s incapable of a good decision. So she, as well, is being redefined by the relationships in her life. The fact that Snow White has saved her life numerous times now, and then Snow White turned around and played a part in killing her mother, so there are good and bad decisions, and that’s a complicated relationship for them. That mystery about the characters’ decisions — and the process of making those decisions — is partly what is so captivating about the show. Every week, you’re wondering, “Is Regina going to make a good decision or a bad decision? Is Snow going to make a good decision or a bad decision?,” and you don’t ever know. It depends on the circumstances.

With the chance that Storybrooke might get destroyed, would you like to see Emma go back to Fairytale Land in Season 3?

Not if I’m in the same clothes getting lost in the forest for three months! It’s going to be interesting to see what they do in the long-run. Fairytale Land right now is desolate. I call it post-apocalyptic Fairytale Land. So it’s not exactly the glamorous Fairytale Land we all imagined it to have been, but I think it will be interesting to see how that land is still apart of all of our lives in the long-run. Do we go back there? Do we spend time there? Do we redeem it in some way? Or do we abandon it and move somewhere else? Which is the future? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but those are the questions that all of the characters live with.

Does Emma even want to go back? She’s been on the fence when it comes to the great Storybrooke vs. Fairytale Land debate.

I think she wants to be with her family. She spent her entire life wanting to have this unit and the safety of people that she can love and who will love her, so she can be supported by that. So it’s not so much about where as it is who she’s with when she gets there.

Who do you think is Emma’s True Love? And would you like to see the Charmings back in Fairytale Land? Sound off in the comments!

Once Upon a Time’s Season 2 finale airs Sunday, May 12, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Crystal Bell is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @newyorkbell.