The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Caroline and Klaus Are a “Done Deal,” Says Candice Accola
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Caroline and Klaus Are a “Done Deal,” Says Candice Accola

First Joseph Morgan broke Klaroline shippers’ hearts when he said he was content with how Klaus and Caroline ended things on The Vampire Diaries, and now Candice Accola is adding her two cents — and things aren’t looking good for this fan-favorite pairing.

“Personally, I’ve always looked at the two of them as a done deal, but I guess that’s just the logical side saying, ‘Why would you ever want to date like a serial murderer to buy you fancy things every once in a while and who’s a terrible awful evil person?’” Candice told, before adding: But I guess from the fans and viewers perspective, it’s a little bit more romantic than that.”

This isn’t too surprising, seeing as Candice has never been too fond of the polarizing pairing, which sparked in Season 3. But the TVD starlet admitted she doesn’t know what’s to come for Caroline, saying, “As far as on the series goes, they’re living in two different worlds at this point. Will Caroline ever visit New Orleans? Who knows. Will Klaus ever come back for seconds? Who knows. But at this point it seems that he’s pretty preoccupied in New Orleans and Caroline is definitely preoccupied at college.” Or as Julie Plec put it at PaleyFest, "Klaus has s—t to do" in New Orleans.

We understand where the writers are coming from. With Caroline holding down the fort on The Vampire Diaries and Klaus fighting for control over his supernatural empire on The Originals, these two characters couldn’t be further apart — physically and emotionally. And as much as we like the idea of seeing Klaus and Caroline together, we have to admit that the timing is off. Caroline is nothing if not loyal, and she’s not just going to abandon her friends, especially in the middle of a Traveler epidemic. And Klaus, well, he has a lot of things going on in New Orleans — brother drama, baby mama drama, a burgeoning war between species, etc. — and adding Caroline would make things even more complicated. Frankly, we don’t want to see our Blondie get her heartbroken.

But that doesn't mean Klaus won't be Caroline's "last love" — as promised. Remember Klaroline fans, vampires live forever.

What do you think of Candice’s answer? Do you want to see Klaus and Caroline get together on the spinoff? Sound off in the comments!

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