The Originals Spoilers: Casting For “Hot Dame” to Date a Sexy Originals Hunk at 1920s Party
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Casting For “Hot Dame” to Date a Sexy Originals Hunk at 1920s Party

We would give our right arm to date one of the sexy stars of The Originals, and we’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. For one lucky lady, that dream can become a reality. An Atlanta-based talent agency recently posted a call for two “gorgeous women” to act as arm candy for an Originals leading man. Whose arm might these lucky ladies be on? And where are they going? We speculate below!

There were two little tidbits that stood out about the casting notice: 1) the “hot dames” will be “very featured as the date of our lead actor” and 2) it will be for a “1920 party scene.” The former clue narrows it down to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), in our minds — unless Elijah (Daniel Gillies) has changed his one-woman style or Rebekah (Claire Holt) has started looking elsewhere for company. We want to give the edge to Klaus, given that Marcel and Rebekah have been exploring something as of late — though, on a show that throws out plot twists like parade candy, that could be over by the time this episode rolls on by.

As for the 1920s party scene clue, we’re not sure if that means the party will be a 1920s-inspired shindig set in contemporary times or it is will actually be set in the 1920s via flashback. (We love that this is even a question — The Originals is the best.) We’re kind of pulling for the latter. We’re eager to get more flashbacks that explain the Marcel/Mikaelsons dynamic, and the history of the Mikaelsons lives in New Orleans, in general.

Either way, we’re seriously wishing for a party Great Gatsby-inspired in both aesthetics and theme — i.e. the fragility of the American dream (or, in this case, the dream of ruling the French Quarter), the hollowness of decadence, and the unpleasant perspective an outsider can provide (we’re looking at you, human Cami). Also, Leonardo DiCaprio should be there.

What do you make of this casting notice? Do you think this party will take place in the past? Sound off in the comments below!

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