The Originals Spoilers: “Change” Coming For the Mikaelsons? (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: “Change” Coming For the Mikaelsons? (VIDEO)

The producers’ promos for episodes of The Originals always give us some fascinating insight into what the characters are thinking and feeling in the upcoming episode. This glimpse into Season 1, Episode 16 (“Farewell to Storyville”), led by executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci is no different. Is a “change” coming for the Mikaelsons?

The promo shows us the obligatory clips from the episode that sees Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah trapped together inside of a cemetery — with Klaus intent on killing his sister and Elijah the only thing standing between them. Cue what Julie calls “the worst session of family therapy ever.”

Michael says this episode will potentially break the story cycle the Mikaelsons have long been stuck in: “There is a cycle to the relationship: Klaus does something awful. His siblings are angry. And, ultimately, he tries to persuade them to forgive [him] … Is there a way out of that particular story cycle? This is the episode about the siblings kind of going at each other, arguing their long history together, and maybe coming to a place where they need to make a change.”

Hmm...interesting. We don’t even know what a change would look like. Klaus killing one of his siblings would definitely qualify, but we seriously doubt that will happen. Though the hybrid is certainly threatening to off at least one of his family members before this episode is out.

“Perhaps I should direct my rage towards you,” Klaus tells Elijah, pointing the white oak stake in his direction. Elijah is not amused: “You should see yourself. The murderous expression. The self-righteous posturing. You look like father.” Burn.

Elsewhere in the promo, we see Klaus ask Elijah: “You would side with that traitor?”

“I’m not choosing sides,” Elijah, always the peacemaker, tells Klaus, “but I will not allow you to hurt our sister.”

“You asked me to show mercy to one who has wronged me. You really don’t know me at all, do you, brother?” Klaus bites back. Oh, it’s on.


What do you think is ahead for the Mikaelson family on The Originals? Hit the comments and speculate!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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