Bachelorette 2014: Who Was Writing Secret Admirer Letters to Andi Dorfman?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Was Writing Secret Admirer Letters to Andi Dorfman?

UPDATE (6/23/14):

Our (happy) suspicions were confirmed: Dreamy Midwestern farmer Chris Soules is Andi Dorfman’s secret admirer! You lucky duck, girl. Though we did feel for Chris in tonight’s Episode 7 in Italy, when he was sort of forced into telling the Bachelorette about his romantic notes thanks to a lie detector test, but ah well. Life goes on.

We watched as, in a medieval castle, Chris and the rest of the guys were hooked up to the polygraph and probed by some pretty interesting questions — did anyone catch Dylan Petitt admitting to not washing his hands after the bathroom?! Ew. But then Chris was asked if he was the gent secretly penning his feelings to Andi all these weeks, and BAM! he says “yes”!

He knew he had to tell Andi since the truth may soon come out, but first he faced some judgy judgment from his fellow dudes, like Josh Murray, who said, “I think if you’re in the final eight, you’re an admirer of her. There’s no secret to it.” Little did he know, he was sitting right across from the guy.

But who cares what Josh thinks, because Andi was beaming with joy once Chris finally told her at the cocktail party. “I knew it. You’re the secret admirer!” she says before he even got the chance to finish his sentence. How did she figure it out?

“I can see he has that romantic side and he has those feelings and he knows how to communicate them,” Andi said to the ABC cameras.

Don’t let this one slip away, lady! He’s the definition of a catch.

Original story (6/3/14):

Dear Andi Dorfman, we like you A LOT. Can we borrow your leather dress/pants/shorts? Will you pluck our eyebrows? Can we be best friends, and also hang with Kelly and Sharleen? Love, Wetpaint.

If we were writing secret letters to the Season 10 Bachelorette, they’d look a lot like that (dead giveaway included). But somehow, we’re a few episodes into the 2014 season, and she has no clue which guy has been sending her hand-written sweet nothings as her “secret admirer.”

Lucky for us (and, as usual), Reality Steve does know who’s doing it. The spoiler king chimed in early on to let us know that Chris Soules is the one penning the prose, which just knocks our Carhartts off. The 32-year-old farmer-slash-millionaire doesn’t seem like the type to be sitting around writing his deep thoughts and sneaking them to Andi, but perhaps that’s just because we are more keen to imagine him on the cover of a romance novel.

Bachelorette 2014: Who Was Writing Secret Admirer Letters to Andi Dorfman?
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The pair had a 1-on-1 date on Episode 2 in which they went to the race track at Santa Anita, dressed up in 1940s-inspired outfits, and watched horses run around. Then, they slow danced to a band no one’s ever heard of and made out. It must’ve been so romantic, Chris couldn’t help but gush, anonymously, in letter form.

Writes Steve, “This is Chris. Not sure how many more letters she gets, when she gets them, if she figures it out on her own, or if Chris eventually ends up telling her, but it’s Chris.” Well, that’s downright adorable, if you ask us.

So far, the only guy who has made a big impression in the sending of things is Nick Viall, who sent Andi flowers and a sweet note about how much he digs her. It was cute. A whole lot cuter than the story we heard about another contestant, who made some poor lady on an airplane write a poem for Andi… Chivalry, pal, look it up.

Source: Reality Steve

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