Bachelor in Paradise: Michelle Kujawa Caught in Illicit Affair in Episode 2!
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Michelle Kujawa Caught in Illicit Affair in Episode 2!

File this one under “WHAT THE ACTUAL F!?” Back in mid-June, the trusty Reality Steve posted a couple of Bachelor in Paradise spoilers to fill in the cracks while we were waiting for the episode-by-episode rundown. The most forehead slapping? An illicit contestant/crew member affair resulting in serious injury. (And no, before you ask, Rozlyn Papa is not on the show.) We're talking Michelle Kujawa — the teary girl from Jake Pavelka's Bachelor season.

Bachelor in Paradise: Michelle Kujawa Caught in Illicit Affair in Episode 2!

"[T]he major storyline in the early going involves Michelle Kujawa. In the promo, you see Chris Harrison (and even a quick shot of Elan) knocking on one of the room doors, a girl opens it up, then slams it back in his face," the spoiler guru writes of the first clip of the new show, which premiered August 4.

The host says "Michelle," and editing is supposed to make us think it's Michelle Money, but Steve says the obviously-not-Ms.-Money brunette is Michelle K, who you may remember kissed Jake like five seconds before he dumped her.

Steve explains the door-slamming that follows: "What happened is Michelle got caught sleeping with one of the sound guys as a producer was coming to talk to her. The sound guy jumped out of her room off the balcony and apparently broke both of his legs or feet. I swear I couldn’t make this up if I tried. So that scene is Chris confronting her and essentially Michelle leaves the show."

Please, take a second to pick your jaws up off the floor. That is CRAZYTOWN, right? Looks like we're not in Bachelor Mansion anymore... But there is one thing that's a little redeeming. Basically, Steve explained in a later column that Michelle had actually already chosen to leave the show and that the affair happened after she peaced out. Does that make it better? Maybe, but then there's still that thing about how the guy she slept with jumped off the balcony and broke both his feet. HIS FEET! Man, we suddenly feel less cray when we sneak out a window...

Add this to the info we've gotten about an injured Chris Bukowski taking off with another girl, and Ben Scott peacing out thanks to a certain "found object," and you’ve got yourself a summer show! Just tell us again real fast, ABC, how is this more on-brand than Bachelor Pad?

Source: Reality Steve