Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Which Couples Are Relocating to Be Closer Together?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Which Couples Are Relocating to Be Closer Together?

We’re just barely past Week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, and already some pretty hot and heavy unions are blossoming before our eyes: Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd, Clare Crawley and Zack Kalter, Michelle Money and Marquel Martin (M4), AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn, Elise Mosca and... anyone. While it seems kind of easy for sparks to fly down in Tulum, which, if any, couples have the staying power to last once the YOPO-ing is through?

According to Reality Steve, two couples formed on this wild and crazy ride are not only going strong, but they’re also committing in a big way — by moving to be in the same zip codes!

Though Lacy was 80/40 between her lust for Robert Graham and Marcus in Episode 1, she’s now all in with premature L-Bomb dropper, Marcus. So all in, in fact, that she’s reportedly prepping to move from San Diego to Dallas to be near him. We can’t say we’re surprised, seeing how fast he moved with Andi Dorfman — plus, the pretty-eyed pair are reportedly engaged!

So who’s the other couple still residing on Lover’s Lane? Michelle may have spent some quality time with Marquel down in Mexico, but we sensed that time was coming to a close when he judged her for her drinking… and it did. Episode 4 newcomer Cody Sattler isn’t so judgy and he recognizes Michelle for the goddess that she is. The two spark up a connection and RS says Cody is now getting ready to move from Chicago to Michelle’s hometown of Salt Lake City.

Man, Andi’s guys are at it again — fighting over the same gal...

Do you think these two couples can go the distance? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reality Steve