The Originals Spoilers: Davina Is “Furious” at Klaus For Killing Tim
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Davina Is “Furious” at Klaus For Killing Tim

Hell hath no fury like a teen witch scorned. OK, so that’s not how the saying actually goes, but it will be completely true later on in Season 1 of The Originals. In the episode before Davina (Danielle Campbell) was sacrificed to complete the Harvest Festival, you may remember that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) poisoned her love interest, Tim (Shane Coffey). But is Davina harboring ill will toward Klaus for this betrayal?

The short answer? Yes.

“She’s furious at him for what he did. And she’s never going to forgive him, I don’t think,” Danielle told TVLine about the heartbreaking incident. Yikes, sounds like Davina will be coming for blood by this season’s end. The only reason she hasn’t already exacted revenge? “She hasn’t [seen him], so the opportunity hasn’t arisen,” Danielle continues.

We fully support Davina’s thirst for vengeance against the morally corrupt Original, but we are a little concerned that perhaps Davina doesn’t have what it takes to face Klaus. Ever since she was revived from her short-lived eternal slumber, she hasn’t been nearly as powerful as she was pre-sacrifice — mainly because she doesn’t have the power of four witches flowing through her anymore.

She may be able to make a rose bloom (suck it, Monique), but does she have enough power to take on the OG hybrid? We think not.

What do you think about Davina’s feelings toward Klaus? Should she give it up or die trying?

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