Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin on Derek and Scott’s “Brotherly Moment” in Season 3, Episode 18 — Exclusive
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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin on Derek and Scott’s “Brotherly Moment” in Season 3, Episode 18 — Exclusive

On tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf (Season 3, Episode 18 — “Riddled”), Scott & Co. are in a rush to save Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), but it may be them that needs to be saved. Season 3B has been hinting at Stiles’ dark turn as the Big Bad nogitsune, and “Riddled” finally delivers. Needless to say, Scott (Tyler Posey) is at a loss — what can he do to save his best friend from this new evil when the odds are against him? Enter Derek (Tyler Hoechlin).

“Tonight’s episode [“Riddled”] actually has one of my favorite scenes that we’ve ever had on the show between Scott and Derek,” Tyler Hoechlin told Wetpaint Entertainment. His co-star Tyler Posey added, “It’s one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever done.”

“It’s very much a brotherly moment between the two,” said Hoechlin. “It’s a passing the torch moment. Derek says, ‘You are the Alpha, and I am here to help in any way that I can. I can be the person to give you advice along the way. You are going to be greater than I ever could be, but I can help make you better.’ That’s one of my favorite scenes we’ve ever done on the show.”

This season has been a journey for the former Alpha, who gave up his power at the end of Season 3A to save Cora. Now, Scott is faced with the reality of being the Alpha, and it seems Derek will step in as his teacher.

“I think Scott and Derek’s roles in each other’s lives will be solidified pretty well in tonight’s episode,” added Hoechlin. It seems likely that Derek’s new lease on life has something to do with the advice his late mother gave him during their telepathic exchange on Episode 15. Perhaps Derek has finally found his purpose in nurturing Scott.

“That’s my favorite thing about Derek this year, his openness to accept and take on a new role because it can be a difficult thing sometimes,” Hoechlin said. “His enthusiasm for doing that is a really cool thing.”

If Stiles really is the nogitsune, then we think Scott is going to need a shoulder to lean on — and who better than Derek? After all, he the former Alpha knows a thing or two at making tough choices to save the ones you love.

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