Glee Spoilers: Will Dianna Agron Return For Season 6?
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Glee Spoilers: Will Dianna Agron Return For Season 6?

Glee's 100th episode was amazing in every way. And a big reason why it was so awesome is that we got to see all our favorite characters return to the show, like Quinn (Dianna Agron). So will we see Quinn back on the show in Season 6?

Dianna was asked by E! Online whether she might be back on Glee again before the series calls it quits. "Yeah," Dianna replies about wanting to return. "The only thing that makes it tricky is schedules, and things like that."

Hmm. We wonder what she means by "schedules." Perhaps she's too busy filming movies? Or does she mean that it's tough for the writers to find space for Quinn's storylines? Because we want Dianna to do whatever it takes to get on Glee.

Sure enough, Dianna says she loves dropping by the show. "[E]very time I'm on the show I feel like I'm home, and they wrote some fabulous things for these episodes," she adds.

It's great that Dianna feels so comfortable on the show and appears to feel so close to her co-stars. We love seeing Dianna in movies, but we think she's at her best on Glee. So let's hope we see her on Season 6.

Do you think Dianna will appear in Season 6?

Source: E! Online