Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: A Doctor Wows Female Interns in Episode 17
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: A Doctor Wows Female Interns in Episode 17

It might not be time for Grey’s Anatomy to return yet, but the best part about these last few weeks with no new episodes? We can expect an explosion of spoilers about what’s to come — starting with casting sides that were recently released that dub one of our Grey’s doctors the George Clooney of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Episode 17.

Time to trade in our scrub caps for our thinking caps — we’ve gotta decode these sides… i.e. pieces of the script where main characters names have been swapped out so the storyline doesn’t get spoiled. But can a few fake names get spoilers by us? We don’t think so!

According to Spoiler TV, we can expect to see a scene where a doctor plays with a six year old patient who’s practicing a whipple on Play-Doh — impressive, no? The patient notes that the doctor she’s talking to “does brains,” so clearly, the “Dr. Verges” in this script must be Derek (Patrick Dempsey), right?

Now comes the Clooney part. In this scene, a “Dr. Matthews” comes strolling out of the elevators and passes three female interns who are very impressed by his good looks. This is where we’re confused — the female interns we know (Jo, Stephanie, and Leah) have been around for almost two years, so why would they be shocked by the beauty of any of our male doctors? We understand appreciating how handsome the guys of Grey’s are, but to the point where they’re whispering in the hallway? Not so much.

This leads us to believe that there could be a new doctor in the hospital or new interns. If that’s true, we’re kind of excited about a casting shake-up! We haven’t heard much about that happening as of recently, but if we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know!

The other possibility, of course, is that these female interns are new and unfamiliar with the perpetual hotness of the Grey Sloan gents.

We're also entertaining the idea that Dr. Matthews is also Derek, and that he takes the job with the president, and that is why the interns are so in awe of him. Hmm.

Who do you think Dr. Matthews is? Let us know your guesses below!

Source: Spoiler TV

01.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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