Game of Thrones Spoilers: Does Shae Die?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Spoilers: Does Shae Die?

As was established long ago, no one on Game of Thrones is safe. A character can be on top of the world one day and dead the next. So should we be worried about the fate of Tyrion’s lover and Sansa’s friend, Shae?

Read on to find out, based on what we know from the A Song of Ice and Fire books.

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, click away now if you don’t want to know!

We hope you’re not too attached to the “funny whore” because one way or another, we're pretty sure Shae’s journey will come to an end this season. Why do we say one way or another? Well, we think it’s possible Shae's death will go down differently from how it does in the books.

In A Song of Ice and Fire, Shae is murdered by Tyrion himself. During Tyrion’s trial for the murder of Joffrey (which will happen at the royal wedding), Shae testifies against him, claiming their entire affair was a farce and humiliating him by claiming that he made her call him, “my Giant of Lannister.” Afterwards, when Tyrion escapes his jail cell on the eve of his execution/exile, he makes his way to his father’s chambers only to find a nude Shae lounging in Tywin’s bed. An angry, jealous Tyrion strangles her, and that’s the end of Shae.

A couple problems with that.

First of all, book Shae is a much different character than TV Shae. The Shae in the books is very much concerned with amassing jewels and wealth, while we’ve already seen TV Shae turn down an offer of money from Varys to split town (a scene which doesn’t occur in the books, and if it had, Shae would’ve taken the money and ran). TV Shae seems to genuinely care for Tyrion much more than the book version, and while she seems to be growing jealous of his marriage to Sansa, we don’t see that motivating her enough to turn on him completely and end up in bed with his father.

Also, the show featured a new scene in the premiere, where a spy of Cersei’s learns of the relationship between Tyrion and Shae, and reports her findings to Cersei. This could possibly set up a different demise for Shae, one arranged by Cersei, perhaps with help from Tywin.

In Season 2, after Tyrion sent Cersei’s daughter Myrcella to Dorne, Cersei tried to get revenge by torturing Tyrion’s whore, whom she mistakenly believed to be Ros, so we know she's willing to go after the people Tyrion cares about. Plus, Tywin threatened to kill any whore found in Tyrion's bed, so if Cersei tells her dad what she knows, that could be the end of Shae.

We’ll have to wait to find out how this all goes down, but this much we know: Unless the show goes in a totally different direction from the books, Shae will not live to see Season 5.

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