Pretty Little Liars Star Drew Van Acker on Jason’s Return and His Connection to Mona — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars Star Drew Van Acker on Jason’s Return and His Connection to Mona — Exclusive

It’s no secret that Pretty Little Liars has left a trail of unanswered questions over the last four seasons — we even made a definitive list of all of them! — but one of its biggest Season 4 mysteries was what happened to Jason DiLaurentis? We haven’t seen him since he was lying in a hospital bed in Season 3, Episode 19.

Sure, Mrs. DiLaurentis told the Liars that Jason was helping his grandmother renovate her house down South, but do we really believe her? Wetpaint Entertainment went straight to the source to find out! It turns out even portrayer Drew Van Acker has a few choice questions for Jason.

“I think the biggest thing for him is where did you go, what were you doing and whose side are you on?” Drew told Wetpaint at the Pretty Little Liars screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Tuesday (October 15). “Do we trust you? Do we not trust you? Are you really trying to help? Are you really trying to find answers?”

Slow down, Drew! We’re supposed to be the ones with the questions. All jokes aside, Drew told us Spencer will be particularly suspicious of why Jason left Rosewood. The hunky actor also dished on Ali and whether or not Jason has had any communication with his dearly departed sister (who just may be alive after all!).

“I think he thinks that she’s dead,” he said. “I think he has always got his suspicions, but for the most part he thinks she’s dead. He was trying to find answers; he was trying to find the person who is responsible for this. But now you don’t know if she’s dead or if she’s alive or what’s going on, so we’ll see what happens when he comes back.”

As for the other central mystery surrounding Jason, what is his connection to Mona? He seemed eager to comfort her in Season 3, which made the Liars suspicious of his motives. Apparently, Drew thought it was shady too!

“The whole thing between Jason and Mona... that was kind of weird for me as well, but it was great because Janel [Parrish] is so fun,” Drew told us. “So it was great to kind of explore that, but I don’t know where it will lead.”

We know Mona is getting a potential love interest this season. Could it be Jason? Although he declined to comment on any potential romance between Mona and Jason, Drew did tell us it’s about time Jason got some lovin’.

“He’s been so down and out. He needs one doesn’t he? That’s what I said, I was talking to Oliver [Goldstick] about that, he needs one!” Jason said. “I think his main goal is that he’s got so much going on as far as Ali and everything and all the other struggles and drama that he’s dealing with, so right now, he’s kind of focused on himself.”

Don’t worry, Drew. No one stays single for very long in Rosewood.

What do you think, Pretty Little Liars fans? Do you think Jason is connected to “A”? Sound off in the comments!

Reporting by Lindsey Jordahl.

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