Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight on Episode 6?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight on Episode 6?

Andi, Andi, where Dorf art thou Andi. Deny thy Chris Harrison and refuse thy rose and… well, you get the point. Oh, you don’t? Well, she and her remaining eight guys are heading to Italy in tonight's June 23 episode of The Bachelorette, and it’s bound to be downright Shakespearean, if history is any teller of things. Will there be patricide? Poison drinking? Two gentlemen? We can only hope.

Though eight guys get their passports stamped on the way in, only six will head on for the next leg of the tour. So, which of her boys have become extra weight along the way? Well, you may have guessed, since they’ve become more like extras than leading men.

While previews have shown one Mister Cody Sattler as falling for Andi in a totally sweet plot twist we didn’t see coming, it sounds like it’s the kind of unrequited love we’ve read so much in English class. Although it’s in fair Verona where Andi lays her scene for Cody’s first 1-on-1, he doesn’t make it back from the wings of love (shout out to Pavelka). Does she hand him a vial and tell him to drink up? Uh, that would be way harsh Tai, so we assume she just tells him he’s squarely in the friend zone, before Montascusing herself from the sitch.

Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight on Episode 6?
Credit: ABC    

And speaking of vial, Nick Viall gets the other 1-on-1 date in the episode, according to Reality Steve, who says that they take a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs in Venezia. Do they hit up a few merchants of Venice? Does he woo her, Portia style? (These are Shakespeare references, people. Pick up a book during your next commercial break.) Whatever the deal, that solo outing goes a little better than Cody’s, and he makes it on.

Friend zone captain JJ O’Brien gets to hang with Ms. Andi in Italy on a group date, but after his GDR-getting antics in France, things fizzle. When did she realize he wasn’t going to make all her happily ever afters come true? Whatever — her loss is our second act with the Pantsapreneur.

With six guys left, Andi heads to Belgium for her final stop before Hometown Dates on the June 30 episode.

What do you think about Cody and JJ saying ciao in Italia? Hit the comments and dish.

Source: Reality Steve

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