Bachelorette 2014: What Happened Between Eric Hill and Andi Dorfman on  Episode 4?
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Bachelorette 2014: What Happened Between Eric Hill and Andi Dorfman on Episode 4?

UPDATE: Well, there you have it, folks. If you watched the June 2 episode of The Bachelorette, you're likely still sitting there all agape and unable to make the words into sentences. Knowing what happened to Eric Hill just a couple weeks after his exit was filmed, it makes it even harder to sit through his tense argument with Andi. In defense of Andi, she's tired. In defense of Eric, we have to hand it to him for the way he laid his feelings out there.

The short of it is that he felt like Andi had a "poker face" whenever she talked to him or the other guys. He felt like because they had the "real" moments on their Season 10 Episode 2 1-on-1 date, everything afterwards felt caged and packaged. He wanted to see her as the girl who was afraid in the helicopter, gripping the leather seats, or as the girl skipping out to the beach. She wasn't really into that argument, so she told him she wouldn't waste anymore of his time. In the few minutes after the episode, Andi and Chris Harrison talked about Eric, his time on the show, and how much Andi wishes she could have one last conversation with him at Season 10 Men Tell All.

It's a lot to process it and we'll talk more about it tomorrow. In the meantime, let's discuss in the comments. What did you think about his exit?

ORIGINAL STORY: In the words of Boyz II Men, it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. And we’re not talking about “Part 1 of the two-part Bachelorette special event” that ABC subjected us to by Shanghai-ing our Sunday. Nope, we actually mean that time when Eric Hill and Andi Dorfman hit the beach and then hit the slopes and then hit the speed-up button on their relationship to talk about super serious stuff. But from what Reality Steve says about Eric’s exit on tonight’s Episode 4 in Connecticut, it sounds like he’s not stoked with where he is with the Bachelorette babe.

Because Eric passed away shortly after filming his four episodes, we’ve been uncertain as to how ABC would show him on the show. Already, with his first date talk of Syria and wanting kids, we saw one of the deepest Bachelorette conversations ever. But considering the promo for tonight’s episode, with Andi crying and confronting the guys, a taxi door slamming behind a guy, and Andi walking off, it seems like Eric’s elimination will be shown “in full,” according to Steve.

“During the cocktail party, Eric and Andi got into an argument outside. He confronted her about being fake and being an actress who wasn’t really there to find love,” Steve wrote after seeing what happened in the clip. “This obviously set her off, she got upset, she starts crying, she let him go, and ends up canceling the cocktail party. Looks like we will see more of that conversation tonight but that’s the gist of it.”

Wow, those are some definite fighting words, considering being there for the “right reasons” is the take-it-to-the-bank stamp of approval for a contestant. If a lead isn’t there for the right reasons? Well, that would just be Juanpossible. Oops, we mean impossible. Continues Steve, “Eric thought she was being a bit phony and called her out on it. Does it make Eric a bad person? Of course not. That’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. If that’s what he witnessed, then that’s what he felt like he needed to express to her.”

Eric got the first 1-on-1 in Episode 2, and in Episode 3, he seemed to be trying to get something out of her at the group date cocktail party to jog her memory about their good times. But Andi wasn’t having it. When Eric asked her if it was weird to be around the other guys knowing they had spent so much time in a solo situation, she was like “nope.”

It was clearly not the answer the handsome explorer was looking for, and sounds like things didn’t improve for him after. Steve says the reason we’re just now seeing the drama in June 2’s episode is because Eric passed. Otherwise, we would’ve seen parts in the season-long promo cluing us into Eric’s dramatic exit.

We’re honestly not looking forward to watching this go down, though obviously it has to happen for us to understand the promos and where Andi’s head is as we head into the international portion of things.

Source: Reality Steve

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