Sharleen Joynt Eliminates Herself! Does Anyone Else? Bachelor 2014 Spoiler
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The Bachelor

Sharleen Joynt Eliminates Herself! Does Anyone Else? Bachelor 2014 Spoiler

El Bachelor, Juan Pablo, has been Sharleen Joynt's Number 1 fan since day one, considering she got the First Impression Rose way back in the day. But after her emotional time in New Zealand, she was shown talking to the cameras about how Juan Pabs just doesn't get her. Later, in the clip, she said "I think it's best if I leave." Cue jaws dropping like whoa. But she stuck around and had a romantic 1-on-1 with Juan Pablo in Season 18 Episode 7 in Miami. They made out, they cuddled, he told her he liked the way she talked, she said she wished she were "dumber." Romance, you guys, it was totally there.

But after all of that, Sharleen decided that she just wasn't the right girl for Juan Pablo, or that he wasn't the right guy for her. She couldn't imagine introducing him to her family in Ottawa on Season 18 Hometown Dates, and so she snuck out to his hotel room to tell him that she needed to leave. "I know it's not easy," he kept saying to her while wiping away her tears. While they were on the yacht before, he had told her that he would see her "next week and the next week..." hinting that she would still be standing there in the end. But she had other ideas... And we have to say, Juan Pablo handled it with humor, love, and tenderness. Props to him for that, as it must have been so difficult for him to say goodbye to someone he so clearly cared for.

As (not at all) shocked as we were by Sharleen's exit, there's another that really does make us wonder what happens between now and the Season 18 finale.

Who's that? Andi Dorfman, according to Reality Steve, who we feel like could’ve gone all the way. Instead, Andi decides that Juan Pablo isn’t right for her. What made the 26-year-old lawyer say adios? We don’t know yet, but it happens after the Overnight Dates in St. Lucia. She comes to his window, or something, and then says she’s gotta bounce back to the ATL to put more thugs in jail. It's always something. Considering all the chemistry we’ve seen between these two in the Season 18 long promo, and the moment we witnessed in the snack bar in Season 18 Episode 3, we have to say we’re shocked.

But who knows, something tells us that Andi might be back in roseland sooner than later. As the next Bachelorette, perhaps? We'd watch that.

Are you surprised so many of the girls on this season leave on their own? Tell us below!

Source: Reality Steve

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