Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Hanna and Caleb “Don’t Break Up” in Season 4, Says Tyler Blackburn — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Hanna and Caleb “Don’t Break Up” in Season 4, Says Tyler Blackburn — Exclusive

Like most Pretty Little Liars fans, we were upset when we heard Tyler Blackburn would be departing the series for the upcoming spin-off, Ravenswood. However, given this new intel on the supernatural spin-off, we’re more excited than ever to see Caleb enter Ravenswood! (Although, our Haleb-shipping hearts are still breaking.)

But will Caleb’s big move mean it’s dunzo for Haleb? Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Tyler at the Inaugural Oceana Beach House party in Santa Monica, Ca., over the weekend, and he dished on Haleb’s sweet goodbye, Ravenswood, and Caleb’s bromance with Toby (Keegan Allen), which we here at Wetpaint are now calling Taleb.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We know Caleb is leaving Rosewood in the Season 4 Halloween episode, but will Haleb have some sweet moments before he leaves?

Tyler Blackburn: Yes! We filmed one of them last night actually.

What can you spill?

It’s interesting because it kind of leaves the relationship hanging. I mean, we don’t break up so we’ll see where it goes.

Is there a possibility she might come to Ravenswood?

We never know! We never know until we’re told, and I have no information! But that would be great and I think it allows for that, the script allows for that.

Let’s talk about your bromance with Toby this season!

Yes! We had the best time shooting together because we had never shot together. We’ve done so much press together, we’ve done so many things together, but never actually shot together. We never got to act together, so we had the best time. We never stopped laughing from start to finish.

What shenanigans can we expect from the two of you?

Honestly, I can’t say a whole lot because I might give away some plot points. but we both have a lot of the same intentions as far as help. So we’re just trying to help let’s put it that way.

Will we learn more about Caleb’s past? Is that what brings him to Ravenswood?

You learn more about his past in Ravenswood, you don’t really learn a whole lot about him in PLL this season. You start to at the very end of his run on PLL.

What can you tell us about the characters you meet in Ravenswood?

Well, we all share a common curse. I guess you could put it that way. Ravenswood is going to have much more of a supernatural element to it. So it all revolves around this curse that we are all under. And we sort of band together in that way to figure it out. Everybody is different as far as who they are character-wise but we all have this shared sort of morbid thing that brings them together. Honestly, I’m so excited I think everybody in this cast is top-notch.

How do you feel about having to leave your PLL family?

I’m sad! I am sad. I only have a few more episodes left to shoot. It’s sad. it’s been a little over three years for me. I’ve grown so much and have gotten so close to the cast and crew, but I think that because it’s the same creator as PLL it’s going to start to feel like home pretty quickly. I think we’re going to have to shoot out of state so that may make it a little harder but actually I think in turn that will bring the cast and crew closer because we will be on location.

We saw Caleb go rouge last season and go after “A”, is he still in hot pursuit of “A” in Season 4?

Big time. It’s funny to me because he’s been shot! He’s been through so much, and he just gets right back up and keeps going. He’s really smart, and he knows it. I wish I understood what he has for Hanna because it’s like his driving force and he won’t stop until he figures it out.

Wow! We’re more excited for Ravenswood than ever! What do you think, PLL fans? Are you intrigued? Sound off in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.