Bachelor in Paradise Promo Spoilers: Who Is Rushed to the Hospital?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Promo Spoilers: Who Is Rushed to the Hospital?

Did you see the crazy Bachelor in Paradise extended promo? If not, get your little tush on over here and do so because this Bachelor/ette spin-off is going to be the best guilty pleasure watch of your life. Though the preview is only a few minutes long, we already see the cast members calling it a “living hell,” making out (a lot), threatening to punch each other, and even an ambulance arriving on the scene. So about that ambulance… what sort of medical emergency are we working with here?

If you want to do things the old-fashioned way and wait for the ep to air, then don’t read on — aka spoiler alert! Otherwise, let’s dig into the juicy goodness. According to Reality Steve, though we don’t see who the medical transport is for, there’s a good chance it’s Lacy Faddoul, who either had some bad food (Montezuma’s Revenge strikes again!) or was dehydrated. But before you panic,Lacy’s all well and good now — better than that, actually, thanks to Marcus Grodd!

Speaking of Marcus, he may also be the person for whom the ambulance was called, says RS. Apparently, Andi Dorfman’s fourth place finisher really hurt — get this — his toe, and had to get stitches. Though the clip seems like something ripped from a crime show, with one cast member heard yelling “there’s so much blood,” it’s really nothing major, which we kinda figured, seeing as the 26-year-old looked just fine and dandy at July 21’s Men Tell All special.

So mystery solved. One of the Lacy-Marcus pairing was not well down in Mexico, but they’re all good now. Hooray!

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Source: Reality Steve