Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Cody Sattler Make It?
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Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Cody Sattler Make It?

Oh Cody Sattler, how we love marvel at your collection of V-necks. If contestants were voted off the show by Twitter, the Chicago muscle man might have been shown the door night one. But Andi Dorfman appears to have a thing for jocks, and Cody’s limo-sized biceps are the jockiest of them all. So how much longer will Andi treat us to screen time with blondie locks? According to the crowned king of spoilers, Reality Steve: longer than you may think.

It appears Cody sails through Episode 5, which takes place in Marseilles, France and involves a group date that finds nine guys playing dress up as mimes (mime is the international language of love, don’t ya know). C-Stat is part of the gang in stripes, and apparently Andi likes the strong silent type, because Cody nabs a bud at the Rose Ceremony and boards a plane to Italy for Episode 6.

But the boot-shaped country is where things unravel for Mister 2 percent body fat when he has his first 1-on-1 date with Andi, i.e., he has to hold a conversation with her for more than 3 minutes straight. According to RS, Andi decides that a Shakespeare-inspired date is appropriate for the man who makes his living encouraging people to grunt while doing dead lifts. The perfectly matched pair makes their way to Verona, the home of the Elizabethan scribe’s Juliet. Apparently Cody’s recitation of sonnets was not up to snuff, because he becomes the first gent of the season to not receive a 1-on-1 rose. Ouch, or as Shakespeare would say, ouch-eth.

Whatever the reason, it’s ciao for Cody after a long-awaited 1-on-1. Maybe he should’ve taken a play from Marcus Grodd’s book and hidden the flower under a napkin to stave off the inevitable.

What do you think of how far Cody makes it? Did Andi diss him too soon or not soon enough?

Source: Reality Steve