Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Is Cece Helping The Liars? Vanessa Ray Says…
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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Is Cece Helping The Liars? Vanessa Ray Says…

Let’s face it: CeCe Drake is somewhat of a sociopath. (She did try and saw poor Emily in half in the Season 4 summer finale.) But is she the villain behind it all? Pretty Little Liars star Vanessa Ray (CeCe) thinks she’s just misunderstood.

“I think CeCe’s good!” Vanessa told “I just think she’s really messed up, like, really weird. She hangs out with high schoolers and she’s obsessed with them, which is weird. … But I still think she’s good. I think she’s going to be a buddy to them.”

We know nothing is ever as it seems in Rosewood, so when the Pretty Little Liars Powers That Be tried to paint CeCe as “A,” we knew something was up. Sure, CeCe is crazy “CeCe’s like a sociopath!” Vanessa said but she’s nothing more than a pawn in “A’s” game. In the summer finale, the Liars discover that “A” was paying CeCe for her services, but is she really on “A’s” side?

If Ezra really is “A,” then why was CeCe spotted creeping outside Ezra’s apartment when Aria came to comfort him? Was CeCe trying to make sure Aria didn’t get hurt? And then there’s the moment CeCe fell in the saw mill. It sounded like she was trying to tell Aria something before her fall. Was she trying to warn Aria about Ezra’s true intentions?

Whatever deal “A” made with CeCe, it clearly has her spooked.

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