The Blacklist Spoilers: Is Donald Ressler Okay?
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The Blacklist

The Blacklist Spoilers: Is Donald Ressler Okay?

The last time we saw Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) in The Blacklists fall finale, he wasn’t looking so good. Not only was he in bad shape post-surgery, but he found out his ex-fiancee is now engaged to someone else — talk about a bad day!

So what can we expect for him when the show returns? While we don’t know much yet, we can now rest easy knowing that he’ll be back in action for the show’s January 2014 premiere.

And according to E! Spoiler Chat, Ressler and his healing leg — hey, he got shot! These things take time! — will be made mobile by a brand new accessory: a cane. But don’t worry, it definitely won’t get in the way of him doing his job and getting into all kinds of new trouble… as long as it doesn’t mean a new bullet wound.

We think Ressler with a cane could look pretty classy. Even a little dignified, perhaps?

But even though Don’s on the mend, we learned earlier this month that his injuries are still going to affect the rest of Season 1 — as they should. The man almost died!

“The injuries [Don has] sustained and the revelations made about his character in the fall cliffhanger will certainly impact the show going forward,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told TVLine.

The bright side? There are just weeks standing between us and the next new episode — phew!

Source: E! Online