The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Is Matt Headed to New Orleans? “I Pitched That!,” Says Zach Roerig
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Is Matt Headed to New Orleans? “I Pitched That!,” Says Zach Roerig

It’s a truth universally acknowledged among fans of The Vampire Diaries that Matt Donovan is the most consistently underused character, which is why we were so excited about Matt’s traveler storyline in Season 5. So far, Matt screentime has been compromised for doppelganger drama and Augustine vampires, but with Gregor officially dunzo thanks to Katherine’s dagger skills, is Matt’s time in the spotlight officially done?

“Is there room for Matt this season? Is there room for Matt ever? I don’t know,” Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig jokingly told reporters during a visit to the show’s Atlanta set (via TVFanatic). When a reporter suggests that Matt should go to New Orleans — to perhaps book a full-time gig on The Originals — Zach says, “You know, I’ve pitched that, too.”

The TVD actor then revealed that he also pitched a fling with Sheriff Forbes! “He’s a kid that needs a little mothering at times, and a little lovin’, and you know, you combine the two and you get Mrs. Robinson,” Zach joked. “I don’t know if there’s going to be much love for Matt this season. I think the beginning of the season sparked off the fact that he wasn’t completely alone and that he’s still a strapping young man who’s capable with these kinds of adventures. But once he’s back in Mystic Falls, his obligation are always aligned with protecting his friends… and who is there to date? Everyone is either supernatural or getting killed. I think Matt has commitment issues, honestly.”

However, Zach did hint at another possible “one night stand” with Nadia. Given Gregor's recent death, we wonder if Nadia will confide in Matt, because let’s face it: he needs to be brought back into the main plot somehow! But how is Katherine going to react with she finds out good ole’ Matty is hooking up with her daughter? Now, that’s a confrontation we can’t wait to see.

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