Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Jesse Kovacs’s “Offensive” Actions Have Him Worried — Exclusive
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Jesse Kovacs’s “Offensive” Actions Have Him Worried — Exclusive

We’ll say one thing for ABC — even if Bachelor in Paradise sounds like a huge mess, it at least sounds like a hot mess. Is that a compliment? We’re not sure, but with the August 4 premiere fast approaching, we don’t have a lot of time to think about our feelings. And it seems we’re not alone, since at least one cast member is a little concerned with how he’ll come across on the show, now that it’s over.

The new issue of In Touch reveals that Jesse Kovacs, who we met back on The Bachelorette Season 5, is going to make quite a splash on the Mexico-set show. “Something offensive happens with him — viewers will be shocked,” a source for the magazine reports.

Could it be that the former Bachelor Pad babe is back to his old, rumored ways? On the Season 1 finale in 2010, former show lover Elizabeth Kitt called him a “player” for his lady-loving ways. From what sources have told Wetpaint Entertainment, it sounds like there might be some more hurt feelings left in his wake.

The hottie is rumored to have hooked up with “at least two girls,” a source tells us, adding that Season 17 Bachelor babe Jackie Parr is one of the possible pair. Adds another source, “Jesse is really worried about how he’s going to be portrayed. He felt bad at the time, but now he’s just afraid he’s going to come off like a d-bag.”

However he’s depicted, we’re sure he won’t be alone in the not-so-great light. Bachelorette Season 9 cutie Ben Scott had an awkward exit, Season 8’s Kalon McMahon also had a less than purty stint, and word is that conditions were so bad that no one was on their best behavior.

“There were no mixers, no sodas, and the water was questionable,” a source reports. “Basically, everyone was just drunk the whole time because there was nothing else to do and they were so miserable. With all the bugs flying around and scorpions and stuff, it was anything but paradise.”

Don’t worry, Jesse, no matter what you did, we’re still keeping you on our laminated list…