Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Jo Finds Dumpster Baby, Looks After It
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Jo Finds Dumpster Baby, Looks After It

Okay, so when Grey’s Anatomy returns next month, we already know something crazy is going to happen to Arizona, April’s got a huge, life-altering choice to make, and one of our favorite longtime couples is going to face something so big it might change where they live. But what’s going on with Jo (Camilla Luddington)?

When we last left Grey Sloan Memorial’s bubbliest intern, she and Alex (Justin Chambers) were getting super close before April’s wedding — and for the first time, we heard Alex admit he’s thinking long-term about a relationship. And now, according to a new spoiler, we know Jo could be thinking the same way!

“Stephanie and Jo are out in the back of the hospital by the dumpsters, which is the cool new intern hangout, and Stephanie accidentally kicks a box, and there’s a baby in it,” Camilla revealed to TVLine. “And so we find this dumpster baby, which, of course, is very difficult for Jo because she has abandonment issues. And she is not on the case, and she really wants to be working on it.”

What, a Grey’s doctor getting way too personally involved with a patient? No way — you must be kidding.

But does Camilla seriously think she and Alex are ready to raise a kid? “They’re still trying to figure themselves out,” Camilla joked.

We’re on Camilla’s side — although we think Alex and Jo would make awesome parents someday (together, we hope!), we aren’t too sure today’s that day. But we know that the addition of a parentless baby is going to show us a new side to our favorite couple that we can’t wait to see!

Do you think the dumpster baby will end up with Jo forever, or find a loving home elsewhere? Let us know how you think the storyline will go below!

Source: TVLine